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Piano and Clarinet Lessons

Lessons will be taught based on student’s age, ability, and interest. Students will learn how to read music, basic to advance music theory, gain aural (ear training) skills, and develop musical fundamentals. Students are encouraged to create goals for themselves and are encouraged to create a practice routine and skills that will not only help them in the musical world but also in their personal everyday lives. Music is a great opportunity to express feelings and emotions while building confidence. It will also provide students with the reward of hard work and perseverance. Students are encouraged to participate in musical events in their community as well.

Weekly Lessons:

  • Offered weekly for 30 or 60 minutes.

  • Lesson content will be based on student interest and   ability at a pace that is appropriate for them

  • Tuition is paid on the first day of every month or on a   weekly basis depending on the student

Piano Lesson

Lesson Rates

  • 30 Minutes $30 per lesson/$120 per month

  • 60 Minutes $60 per lesson/$240 per month

One 20-30 Minute Free Trial Lesson is available for potential students. This lesson would be used for giving an introduction to the instrument and discussing the format of lessons. The potential student will have the opportunity to see the lesson space and ask any questions they may have. This type of lesson is available upon request.”

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